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Subject: [bpel4people] Issue BP-24 Proposal


Below is a proposal for issue BP-24. We had some brief discussion on  
this already.
Back then, the complaint was that the "outcome" data is not available  
as part of the
task operational data. That has been fixed as part of a resolution to  
(see section 3.4.4 in the WS-HT spec and ws-humantask-types.xsd)
so i believe adding the XPath function in the B4P spec is sufficient  
to resolve BP-24.

Maybe we can discuss in todays TC call.


Add a new XPath function getOutcome() in the BPEL4People
spec, section 5:

Operation Name:

   Returns the task outcome
   of the task associated with
   the people activity.

   In: people activity name (xsd:string),
   Out: the task outcome (xsd:string)

Best Regards,

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