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bpel4people message

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Subject: [bpel4people] NEW ISSUE: B4P spec doesn't support skipping participantsin routing

TARGET: WS-HT, General

DESCRIPTION:  WS-HT should support a skip condition that allows any of 
the patterns to be skipped in the potential owner list. Depending on 
some condition, a potential owner could be skipped to work on a task 
although the user is part of the routing pattern definition.

  Support for routing patterns and policies
  Support for single routing pattern
  Support for sequential routing pattern
  Support for parallel routing pattern

PROPOSAL: Each task routing pattern (single, sequential or parallel) 
might have an optional skip condition. If this condition evaluates to 
true, the potential owner will be skipped.


The syntax for skip condition is shown in the tSequential and tParallel 
schema definitions of the task routing pattern proposal.


In the example below, the sequential pattern will be skipped if the 
claim account is less than 50000.

    <htd:sequential name="Claim Processing Agents" 
skipCondition="htd:getInput("ClaimApprovalRequest")/amount < 50000">
    <htd:single name="Claim Processing Review">

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