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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Value and semantics of suspend/resume





Suspend and resume are currently available to all tasks irrespective of the state they are in.  They are also available to the business owner of the task.


It is not clear what the value is of having suspend be available to the owner of a claimed or started task.  The specification implies (although it should state it explicitly) that escalations and deadlines continue as scheduled irrespective of the use of suspend.  So, why would an owner suspend his own task, especially when the owner is already able to stop and later re-start a task?


More generally, what are the semantics of suspend?  They aren’t really explained in the current spec, except in relation to the state diagram in section 4.7.




(Actually more of a suggested course of investigation)


Perhaps task suspension should be available only to roles other than the owner or potential owner role (such as business administrators) with a purpose of preventing tasks from being claimed or worked on by owners.


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