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Subject: [bpel4people] BP-20 Proposal

This is a proposal for issue BP-20. I will walk you through the overview
slides at the f2f meeting.

   For an overview, please see the attached document "BP-20 -
   (See attached file: BP-20 - Extensibility.ppt)

Changes in WS-HT types XML Schema ("ws-humantask-types.xsd")

   Replace simple type definition of task status (lines 157-170):
      <xsd:simpleType name="tStatus">
         <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"/>

   Add documentation of predefined task status values (definition only, not
referenced anywhere):
      <xsd:simpleType name="tPredefinedStatus">
         <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
            <xsd:enumeration value="CREATED" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="READY" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="RESERVED" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="IN_PROGRESS" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="SUSPENDED" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="COMPLETED" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="FAILED" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="ERROR" />>
            <xsd:enumeration value="EXITED" />
            <xsd:enumeration value="OBSOLETE" />>

Changes in WS-HT Specification

   Section 6.1.1 – participant operations - add definition of all pre and
post states (lines 1793):
      See attached document "Task State Transitions.xls"
      (See attached file: Task State Transitions.xls)

   Section 6.1.1 – participant operations - add normative (!) language
about task pre and post states (lines 1794):
      Any of the listed operations MUST only be invoked by callers having
proper authorization.
      Depending on the caller's role, the referenced task MUST be in a
state listed as valid pre state.
      In all other cases, the operation MUST be rejected and MUST NOT cause
a task state transition.
      After the operation has successfully completed, the task MUST be in
the post state defined for the operation.

   Section 4.7 – update state diagram (line 1581) - fix some state
transitions - may be split off of this extensibility issue, however, it is
a very small update ...
      Change "activate" (Created -> Ready/Reserved) to "activation"
      Change "revoke" (Reserved/InProgress -> Ready) to "release"
      See attached document "State Diagram HT.vsd"
      (See attached file: State Diagram HT.vsd)

Kind Regards

Dieter König

Senior Technical Staff Member, WebSphere Process Server Architect
IBM Software Group, Application and Integration Middleware Software
WSS Business Process Solutions
 Phone:            +49-7031-16-3426           IBM Deutschland                      (Embedded 
                                                                                 image moved 
                                                                                    to file: 
 E-Mail:           dieterkoenig@de.ibm.com    Schönaicher Str. 220                           
                                              71032 Böblingen                                
 IBM Deutschland                                                                             
 Research &                                                                                  
 GmbH /                                                                                      
 Vorsitzender des                                                                            
 Martin Jetter                                                                               
 Erich Baier                                                                                 
 Sitz der                                                                                    
 Böblingen /                                                                                 
 Stuttgart, HRB                                                                              

BP-20 - Extensibility.ppt

Task State Transitions.xls

State Diagram HT.vsd


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