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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Permission Matrix should be included in WS-HT Spec




The information about which Generic Human Roles are allowed to trigger which operations on task instances is conveyed in both the prose definition of Generic Human Roles in section 3.1 and the definition of Participant Operations (section 6.1.1) and Administrative Operations (section 6.1.4).

There should be a matrix somewhere in the spec that is supposed to serve multiple purposes:

-          Function as single source of truth regarding permissions, as the information is currently scattered across several locations within the spec

-          Provide a comprehensive view on permissions per Generic Human Role and thus the role definition as such

-          Facilitate identification of potential glitches in role definitions



Enhance section 6 in the WS-HT spec with a matrix such as the one contained in the attached Excel sheet.

The attached Excel sheet already contains the resolutions of BP-40 that we agreed on during the first day of our F2F.

By including this matrix, the “Authorization” column of the tables in section 6 should be disposed in order to avoid redundant information (and potential inconsistencies).


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