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bt-interop message

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Subject: [Interop] Demonstration

I want to check back with the group. We have heard from several
organizations that are doing BTP implementations; however, we do not have
commitment for an interoperability demonstration at the final f2f.  Could
you please post to the list if you will demonstrate some or all of the
functionality as called out for in our specification.  We should make a
cutoff for participation (>1 vendor) no later than 6/12 with the selected
use case to be done by that date.

Pal suggested that we use the following roles:

Company A's implementation: Initiator/Composer
Company B's implementation: Factory + Coordinator
Company C's implementation: Participant + Service

We have some use cases per the following from Savas at HP Arjuna:


I recommend that you review the use cases and recommend a suitable use case
for demonstration.


Interwoven will not be doing a BTP software demonstration but will assist
vendors that are implementing.

Of the given use cases, we recommend either:

	1)  Arranging a night out
	3)  Arranging a meeting

Happy holidays in the States and great summer elsewhere.



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