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bt-messaging message

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Subject: Re: FW: Action Items for the BT Messaging

> > 1) How do we addrress the component of each participant that take part of
> > the protocol.

I am not sure I understand this, but I guess you are referring to how to
identify the endpoint to send the message to? 

Assuming SOAP as the treansport, I would guess that BTP processors would
be an intermediary in the message path. (Is this a valid assumption?) If
it is an intermediary then, we could use SOAP's actor (and
maybe mustUnderstand) to identify the BTP processor. 

> >  
> > 2) How to infect an application message related in the cohesion.
> >    There need to be a Context to be carried with the application message
> > that 
> >    contains the relevant information.
Again assuming our transport is SOAP (which would include ebXML), then we
could put all the context information in the Headers. Each
intermediary/participant can add new header elements and route it to the 
next intermediary/endpoint, which would be akin to infecting the message.


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