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Subject: [bt-messaging] RE: [business-transaction] Messaging Meeting

I whole heartedly agree in the need for and benefit of a
face-to-face-meeting and thank Choreology for offering to host.

Can all those who would be able to attend, please let myself and Alastair
know as soon as possible.

I look forward to a very successful meeting.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: WEBBER,JIM (HP-UnitedKingdom,ex1) [mailto:jim_webber@hp.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2001 10:44 AM
> To: BTP Main List (business-transaction@lists.oasis-open.org)
> Subject: [business-transaction] Messaging Meeting
> [2nd try, sigh...]
> James (et al):
> As you'll have seen on the BTP main mailing list, there has been some
> discussion on the SOAP bindings for BTP. I touted the idea of 
> an informal
> face to face meeting for anyone that's interested in getting 
> together and
> talking over these issues with a whiteboard.
> Choreology have offered to sponsor this meeting next week in 
> London, on the
> 7th November (10am gmt until 4pm gmt) and it is meant as an 
> open, peer-based
> session where the attendees can try to get their heads around 
> the problems
> inherent within producing a SOAP binding for BTP and offer 
> the benefits of
> their experience for the common good.
> This could be a really useful opportunity to exchange ideas 
> and might even
> lead to some useful suggestions being carried forward into 
> the messaging
> sub-committee work. It would be great if as many of those 
> interested as
> possible could attend. Failing that, Choreology have offered 
> to set up a
> teleconference from midday GMT so that at least those on the 
> East coast of
> the US can join in for the afternoon. However, I'd like to 
> re-state that the
> whiteboard session is going to be really valuable, and I'd 
> encourage anyone
> interested to attend.
> Otherwise, whoever's going to be there will drop some notes 
> onto the list so
> that everyone can get a flavour of what went on.
> Jim
> --
> Dr. James Webber
> Hewlett-Packard Arjuna Lab
> http://www.arjuna.com
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