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Subject: RE: verbatim notes from London bt models meeting

At 05:44 PM 4/6/01 +0100, Peter Furniss wrote:
>> > Does the service (lets assume a remote one) site maps the BTP
>> words to XA
>> > words? or the initiator site (cohesion)?  I have no objection if the
>> > service sites maps the BTP words to XA words, in fact this may
>> be the case
>> > in many critical services. But if the initiator site maps the BTP to XA
>> > words then this looks like the cohesion is taking a XA
>> transaction manager
>> > role for this particular service... which requires that there is an
>> > discovery (or by other means) of the type of the services offered (how
>> > would initiator know that a particular service implements 2PC/ACID
>> > transaction?)
>I definitely expected any XA-ness to be inside the service site - the
>initiator/coordinator will not send or receive any different messages or


>> I would prefer to see the BTP message (say "complete work OK") to
>> be mapped
>> by the subordinate/servant/... in an implementation specific
>> manner,


>> so for
>> example it could do an xa_commit or an OTS::Current.commit(), or whatever.
>Or indeed to  ordering.cancel(ordernumber) in the other case, where it uses
>Peter Furniss
>Choreology Ltd
>email:  peter.furniss@choreology.com
>phone:  +44 20 7670 1679
>direct: +44 20 7670 1783
>13 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2JX

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