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Subject: Re: activity context & context poll

    Thanks for your e-mail. I am exploring the current status of context at w3c. In the meantime, if you want, I could start collecting some thoughts around context.
If you can let use know what the W3C are doing that would be great.
    I have a general question to all of us - What does a context mean ? What should it contain ? May be we could come up with a strawperson context within a couple of weeks and improve upon it.
In terms of the business transaction then it needs at least a B-transaction identifier and the reference to the coordinator. If a business transaction can  be nested then the context should also be hierarchical.
Dr. Mark Little (mark@arjuna.com)
Transactions Architect, HP Arjuna Labs
Phone +44 191 2064538
Fax   +44 191 2064203

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