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Subject: Re: Remaining tasks on requirements

> After our f2f meeting it is time to finalize our
> requirement/model/terminology document.
> Peter, Alastair and Mark (Little): are you guys willing to update the BT
> model's group draft with the results of the f2f that my document meant to
> capture?
> Also the agreed requirements list needs to be cleaned up of editorials.

I think we can work for a deadline of (roughly) a week before the next
face-to-face in Mt Laurel. That should give people a time to read it and get
comments ready for the meeting. However, I think that this is still going to
be an iterative process, and depending upon what the other subcommittees
come up with I would not be surprised if we're changing the document in
June. Hopefully such changes will be minimal though.

All the best,


SENDER : Dr. Mark Little, Architect (Transactions), HP Arjuna Labs
PHONE  : +44 191 206 4538, FAX : +44 207 670 1964
EMAIL  : mark@arjuna.com

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