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Subject: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 8 : Deaf clients

This issue has been added to the BTP issue list

BTP Issue 8 : Deaf clients

Source: Alastair Green, Choreology
Category: technical
Desire for clients which can initiate transaction, and invoke application service(s) in transactional context and terminate transaction, but cannot listen independently because of firewall or other restrictions or policies.
Proposed resolution:
Given the ability to do RPC over request/response carriers (see previous issue on SOAP RPC), this is possible using the 0.9 specification facilities, by making the Factory/Decider a remote, within-the-firewall service. (Server-side transactions). No need to modify specification.

To comment on this issue, please follow-up to this announcement on the bt-spec@lists.oasis-open.org (replying to this message should automatically send your message to that list).

The issues list will shortly be moved to the oasis website. The current draft, with line numbers is available in pdf format and word format.

To add a new issue, please email to Peter Furniss peter.furniss@choreology.com. It helps if you propose a category (technical, minor technical, editorial, minor editorial).

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