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Subject: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 22 : Lack of accountability reflected from D0.6 toD0.9

This issue has been added to the BTP issue list

BTP Issue 22 : Lack of accountability reflected from D0.6 to D0.9

Category: editorial
Submitter: Bill Cox, (for all BEA members)
Submitter's identification: issue A. This issue was marked as
"procedural and editorial" by the submitter
The transitions from D0.6 to D0.9 (including the "not distributed" drafts 0.7, 0.72, and 0.8) were not clearly based in decisions of the working group. Instead, to all appearances, the document changed rapidly and without consultation. If we take the time series from Draft 0.6 to date, it looks like we should be at draft 1.5 in a few more weeks.
Proposed Remedy:
Enumerate the changes (Alistair and Peter's email is a start), then discuss and vote on each in turn. Include rationale, or contemporaneous minutes, supporting the decisions made.

To comment on this issue, please follow-up to this announcement on the bt-spec@lists.oasis-open.org (replying to this message should automatically send your message to that list).

The current draft, with line numbers is available in pdf format and word format.

To add a new issue, please email to Peter Furniss peter.furniss@choreology.com. It helps if you propose a category (technical, minor technical, editorial, minor editorial).

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