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Subject: Re: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 50 : Default parameter values

First of all this doesn't address the text "did we ever discuss"? My issue was also intended to start such a discussion if one had not already occurred and been voted on.

 A) there is no obvious reason why we have "reply-requested" for ENROL and the *_STATUS messages and "response-requested" for RESIGN. They should have the same name. "response-requested" seems more general, especially for *_STATUS which may generate all sorts of things.

This doesn't address the underlying question of "what is the right default value".

B) we can't have a default that changes depending on what has been sent/received because RESIGN can cross with PREPARE - the RESIGN message would be sent with a default of true and arrive with a default of false.

OK, but again I'd like to have an all-party discussion about what we think is the right default.

C) it would seem nice to have the same default for the parameter whereever it was used. It's a bit of a toss-up, but false perhaps has the edge.

Not sure about this.

D) report hazard default of false is definitely a good thing.

I disagree. In exactly the same argument as for report_heuristic in the OTS, I think it should be a conscious effort by someone to disable this, rather than enable it. Heuristics (or hazards) potentially screw the entire application consistency, and I think the majority of people would want to know about this by default. (It's a similar argument to that used by JTA when it simply does not allow the possibility of programmers to stop heuristic reporting.)

E) All parameter names are supposed to hyphenated in the abstract messages and thus in the XML. They should indeed be made consistent.

I'd like to propose the solution:

change "reply-requested" to "response-requested" for all uses of the parameter

hyphenate all parameter names consistently

"reply-requested" has a default of "false" in all cases

"report-hazard" has a default of "false".

OK, but shouldn't this be in a separate issue?
Dr. Mark Little
Transactions Architect, HP Arjuna Labs
Email: mark@arjuna.com | mark_little@hp.com
Phone: +44 191 2064538
Fax  : +44 191 2064203

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