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Subject: RE: [bt-spec] Draft


It's an editor's draft of no formal status.  The issues list is still
against 0.9.  Just will be slightly easier to read because you won't
trip up on typos.  I should perhaps have sent "(as if resolved as proposed
...", with "(with proposed solutions applied .."

At some point for each issue, there will need to be proposed text which is
then due for ballot - this can be marked in the issues list (and it changes
the row in the index table to yellow). On 12, 14 and 58, I propose that

(I'll try to be careful in future to "suggest" a solution that I hope for
further discussion on and only "propose" it if it is put forward for vote.
As issue list maintainer, I will treat other's "proposal"s the same - though
this may mean we get more than one proposed solution )


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mark Little [mailto:mcl@arjuna.com]
> Sent: 20 November 2001 12:22
> To: Peter Furniss; BT - spec
> Subject: Re: [bt-spec] Draft
> > I've put a draft which is 0.9 applying only the minor
> editorials (resolved
> > as proposed in my messages last week) on the OASIS BTP website - linked
> from
> > end of Document section on the top page. PDF and Winword formats.
> Peter, sorry if this is going over old ground, but exactly how were these
> resolved? I assumed we'd be discussing each issue and taking some kind of
> formal vote (c.f. the OTS RTF). I don't remember a vote stage.
> Mark.
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