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Subject: RE: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 49 : type of Handle


BTP Issue 49 : type of Handle

Submitter: Mark Little, HP
Category: minor technical
Submitter's identification: #17 (again)
There is no definition of what a Handle is, e.g., a hex string, a free form string, ...

 Some thoughts:
whatever the type as field in the xml messages, it will probably be handled as just a reference in the Terminator API, and, if the choice of which Inferior is to confirm is presented to a user, will be shown as something understandable.
The protocol requirement is that when passed back to the Decider (Composer) by the Terminator, it can be matched to the value the Decider sent earlier. We had some discussion earlier (about identifiers, I think) as to whether a free-form string is guaranteed to survive transportation and be re-matchable I can't find the discussion, but I believe the conclusion was that it is not guaranteed, though most of the time it would re-match.
The requirement for easy identifiablity (so the Terminator has some visible hook on which Inferior is which), is met by the "Inferior name" standard qualifier.
I can't see any need for the handle to be a compound structure.
I seem to have suggested hex string, though free-form string would actually seem nicer if the matching would work.

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