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Subject: RE: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 17 : Use of word "peer"


BTP Issue 17 : Use of word "peer"

Category: editorial
Submitter: Gordon Hamilton, AppliedTheory
Reference: Page 25 Para last Sentence 1
Description: Does the word "peer" need a definition? The first reference is :
BTP recovery requires that the state information for a Superior or Inferior is accessible after failure and that the peer can distinguish between temporary inaccessibility and the permanent non-existence of the state information.

Just old OSI terminology that wandered in I'm afraid. It's used in about a dozen places, usually in relation to the recovery. Alternative wording could be found for those, but I'd prefer to include in the glossary:
Peer : the other party in a two-party relationship, as in Supeior to Inferior, or Sender to Receiver. 

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