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Subject: [bt-spec] BTP Issue 85 : Relationship by separate container,not containment

This issue has been added to the BTP issue list

BTP Issue 85 : Relationship by separate container, not containment

Category: minor technical
Draft 0.9 specifies that relationship between btp messages is represented by containment of one in another. However, this doesn't fit well with most of the btp:btp related cases - CONTEXT_REPLY, ENROL, PREPARED especially. It also requires the relatedness to have a polarity, which isn't always easy to define. All that is actually needed is to define what processing or other semantic implications there are in relating particular types of message, and have a minimal way of expressing that the messages are related.
Suggested solution:

The meaning of each relationship is defined for each legitimate combination on a case-by-case basis in terms of what processing is required

In XML, represent "related" (&) by having an enclosing construct (<btp:related> that contains the related messages as immediate children.

To comment on this issue, please follow-up to this announcement on the bt-spec@lists.oasis-open.org (replying to this message should automatically send your message to that list).

The current draft, with line numbers is available in pdf format and word format.

To add a new issue, please email to Peter Furniss peter.furniss@choreology.com. It helps if you propose a category (technical, minor technical, editorial, minor editorial).

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