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Subject: Re: Ideas for workflow subcommittee charter

Since I have not received any comments or suggestions on initial workflow
subcommittee charter and there are several new people joined the
subcommittee, I am resending it (included below). Any suggestion and
comments are welcome. 

We should also think on how to achieve the goals (task allocations, todos
etc.) I think we should be able to complete the deliverables before April
23rd, for the second f2f meeting.

At 11:42 PM 3/27/01 -0800, Sazi Temel wrote:
>Now that the mailing lists are setup, we can start exchanging ideas on the
>scope and deliverables of workflow subcommittee. I would like to suggest
>the following as initial ideas for the workflow subcommittee charter:
>	1) Research 
>		- transaction models that are developed for or/and used in workflow systems
>		- identify the usage and need for Business Transaction Protocol(BTP) in
>workflow, and collaborative workflow like systems
>	2) Provide material for requirements subcommittee including but not
>limited to 
>		- requirements for transactions in workflow
>		- role of workflow enactment vs business transactions
>		- workflow BTP use-cases
>	3) Liaise with groups/organizations developing 
>		- workflow standards
>		- workflow transaction models.
>Please do provide comments, suggestions and additions.

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