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Subject: RE: Action items and sub-committee list

I am interested in being involved with

4, Requirements - Use Cases
5, Interoperability/Conformance testing


-----Original Message-----
From: Pal Takacsi-Nagy [mailto:pal.takacsi@bea.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 4:37 PM
To: business-transaction@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Action items and sub-committee list

Here is a summary of what we agreed to yesterday:

Scope of the BTP work:

0, What's the set of trans. model supported by BTP
1, Legacy TP integration
2, Extensible transaction properties (as proposed by Choreology)
3, Security (only define requirements for)
4, Reliable messaging (only define assumptions for the underlying messaging
5, Collaboration (make sure that BTP is/can be aligned with collaboration
layer standards)
6, What's the reason for BTP/ where it applies
7, Complexity of BTP: it shoudl be simple
8, Use cases to better understand scope
9, What's the end result of the committee's work:
	- protocol, system messages
	- architecture examples of various target implementations
	- actors
10, Services of coordinator/trans. service
11, Technical terminology
12, Interoperability (vote taken that portability is out of scope)


- weekly conf. calls 8-9 THR PST (no conf. call this week)
- 5 face-to-face counting 3/13, 1 per month, 4 left
2 East (Sequioa 4/23, Bowstreet 6/18), 1 West (hosted by BEA 7/18-19), 1
Europe (5/17-18)

4/1 Requirements done
5/31 1st draft of BTP spec
7/31 v 1.0 available for vote in OASIS


1, Messaging/binding, system messages
2, Security (liason)
3, Requirements, Use Cases, Terminology
   Transaction models -> protocol model
4, Requirements - Use Cases
5, Interoperability/Conformance testing
7, Specification doc
8, Workflow (liason)

Please express your interest in participating in one or more sub-committees
via e-mail
by 3/16 EOB. At the 3/22 conference call we will finalize the composition of
the sub-committees. Also, don't feel precluded from starting to work on
areas of your interest and posting ideas on the mailing-list, before the
sub-committees get finalized.

Thanks: Pal

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