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Subject: RE: Conference call timing(s), Euro meeting(s)


I don't have any objections to the timings you propose.  If the European
meeting is in June, I do prefer late June due to an already committed travel



-----Original Message-----
From: Alastair Green [mailto:alastair.green@choreology.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2001 4:57 AM
To: Pal Takacsi-Nagy
Cc: business-transaction@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Conference call timing(s), Euro meeting(s)

You wrote:
I actually have the same problem. Therefore I lobby for having these conf.
calls at 10 PST instead.

I take it that today's meeting is still at 8.00am PST? I will not be able to
attend if it starts at 10.00am on the West Coast.
If we are going to move the time of future calls can we move it to 9.00am on
the West Coast? This is 5.00pm in the UK, and 6.00pm MEZ. This seems like a
reasonable compromise. Otherwise everyone in Europe is solidly in the
evening for every call, and the Berlin contingent are waiting till 7.00pm
just to start (i.e. we have moved the metaphorical or actual kids from
breakfast to bedtime).
Two other proposals. There is a move to alter the date of the European FTF
meeting to June or July. We would be happy to host a meeting in London
either in April or June, but July is more problematic. (Incidentally HP
Arjuna Lab have very kindly agreed to co-sponsor the London meeting with
The other proposal may dovetail with the timing of a European meeting. There
are at least three companies (HP, Shinka and Choreology) whose
representatives on this committee are located in Europe. If the main meeting
in Europe is late on in the process I think it will potentially limit the
contributions of the European participants in the formative stages.
Therefore, if the Euro FTF is in the summer, we'd like to organize a meeting
on points 3 & 4 (where all three are heavily involved) over here somewhere,
clearly open to anyone on the TC who would like to attend. Is there any
objection to that?

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