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business-transaction message

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Subject: RE: Choreology initial submission to OASIS BT TC

Hello Peter,

> At first I wasn't on the mailing list, then didn't like my own first
> reply.
I wasn't on the mailing list, too. So pardon me if I like to discuss a well known topic.

> Yes, I think it will sometimes be next to impossible to have a guaranteed
> compensation. There are various ways of handling/looking at that.
Yes, I agree ! 
Moreover I would prefer to separate the subject 'locking' from the subject 'transaction'. The type
of realisation of the postulated integrity should be left to the resource implementation. 

Sure, in the face of a long running transaction it is very invinting to relax the the integrity.
But it could also be mission critical to keep long running locks.

Could the areas of responsibilty divided like it is done with CORBA Transaction / Concurency
Service ?

Greetings from Germany

Andreas Kuehne

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