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Subject: Ed Felt is no more with us...

Fellow BTPers,

I am deeply sad to report that Ed Felt is no more with us. The tragedy in NY
and Washington on 9/11/2001, now yesterday, has taken its toll in BEA. Ed
was a frequent flyer between New Jersey and San Francisco. Yesterday,
unfortunately, he was on board one of the four flights used by those coward
terrorists. He was on flight, United #93, coming to San Francisco from
Newark, New Jersey which was forced to crash somewhere in Pennsylvania,
southeast of Pittsburgh.

He was indeed what he is described in BEA-wide e-mail below. We always
reached him to seek his advice in the areas of transactions and security due
to his in-depth knowledge, expertise and real-world experience in these
areas. I had a privilege to work with him on WebLogic Enterprise product
before BTP. He was also the first to review the Conversation Management
protocol of WebLogic Collaborate.

Needless to say, all of us who worked with Ed in BEA will miss him. It is a
huge loss to BEA and engineering organization in the company. My prayers are
with his family, friends and those who loved him. I wish them strength to
cope up with this tremendous loss.


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 9:29 PM
Subject: US State of Emergency Communication #2

> To: All BEA Employees Worldwide
> From: Bill & Alfred
> Subject:  US State of Emergency Communication #2
> We have some very sad news to report with this message.  One of our best
> engineers and long-standing employees, Ed Felt, has tragically died in the
> crash of United Airlines Flight #93.  Ed was a senior architect based in
> Liberty Corner, New Jersey, and was one of the original Tuxedo team
> members.  Ed was the epitome of a stellar BEA employee -- a man of deep
> integrity, always smiling, very personable, and he had a terrific sense of
> humor.  We will communicate details about the arrangements and memorials
> everyone once we've had a chance to consult with his family.  Although
> words cannot express the loss that we feel at this time, we extend our
> sorrow, support and condolences to his entire family.

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