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Subject: RE: [business-transaction] Minutes for November 29 BTC Meeting

A small correction that I just saw, no need to resend.
The conference call on the 5th is schedule to be only
one hour.  The call after that will change to the two
hour format.


-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Potts [mailto:mark.potts@talkingblocks.com]
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 11:40 AM
To: 'BTP List'; Sazi Temel (E-mail); Jim Webber (E-mail)
Subject: RE: [business-transaction] Minutes for November 29 BTC Meeting


Couple of amendments to the minutes, attendance and apologies only.

OASIS Business Transaction Protocol Team
November 29, 2001

Roll Call
Bill Cox  BEA
Sazi Temel BEA
Alastair Green Choreology
Peter Furniss  Choreology
Tony Fletcher  Choreology
Mike Abbott  CodeMetamorphosis
Mark Little  HP
Victor Corrales  HP
Bill Pope  individual - CHAIR
Alex Ceponkus  individual
Pyounguk Cho Iona
Steve White  SeeBeyond
Anne Thomas Manes  Systinet - (observer)
Mark Potts  Talking Blocks - Minutes

Alex Berson (Entrust)
Jim Weber (HP)

1. First order was to vote and accept the previous minutes from the previous
conference call, with the caveat of the amendments offered by Peter Furnis,
RE Doug Buntings membership status, the minutes were accepted by vote

2. Bill Pope asked for other agenda items besides those offered in the mail
posted prior to the meeting; No other agenda items were offered;

1. Greet, rustle, settle in (5 minutes)
2. Establish minute taker for this meeting
3. Call roll
4. Accept previous minutes
5. Solicit host for next phone conference
6. Set agenda
7. general meeting, discussion, votes
8. review outstanding action item


- Phone conference schedule, are these conferences too often?  Would
  we benefit by having longer calls every other week?
- Phone conference hosting.  The process for hosting the calls is
  causing a problem.  Can we get a fixed schedule for the calls and
  hosts, set in advance to avoid the last minute confusion?
- Email votes, a number of the issues on the current list have been
  discussed to the point of resolution.  How can these get resolved
  via email vote?

Alastair Green asked firstly when the agenda of the f2f would be published
for comment to the TC. Bill Pope responded by committing to publish the
proposed agenda by the following Monday ( see action items below );

As part of Soliciting a host for the next call, an amendment to the schedule
and duration of the conference calls was motioned. The motion proposed to
alter the schedule to every two weeks, and extend the call to 2 hours.
Additionally, to accommodate the extended length of the call, the motion
included a change of day from Thursday to Wednesday. The motions was
accepted (unanimous - with noted exception then retraction from Bill Cox).
Discussion then ensued about when the changes to conference call schedule
should commence. It was decided that the new schedule will commence next
week (call will be Wed, 5th December, will be 2 hours in duration ), and
will discuss the agenda for the f2f that bill will have published the
previous Monday. HP agreed to host the call next Wednesday. Bill Pope also
agreed to send out a schedule of the conference calls such that host for the
calls going forward can be a ascertained.

Alastair Green  - the asked that the Chair take a more proactive role in
dealing with the issues raised and their subsequent resolution. Bill Pope
said that as chair he had been trying to stay away from that role and
concentrate on managing the procedural nature of TC. Bill did agree to take
a more proactive role in managing the issues raised and their timely
resolution with reference to the schedule agreed to publishing the
specification. Bill also commented that this will probably solicit more help
for  the other members of the TC if he plays are more active role in respect
to the issues resolution.

Bill Cox commented on the logistic issues being faced by BEA in hosting the
f2f, and asked that everyone get back to himself or Bill Pope regarding
their attendance, as well as arrival and departure dates. Bill Pope and Bill
Cox will now communicate offline to finalise numbers and hotel accommodation
for TC members at the f2f.

Bill Cox also raised the issue from last week regarding the "Primer /
Tutorial" and asked where we were on the materials discussed the previous
week. Mark Little said they were still dealing with corporate at HP to get
their materials made available. Peter Furniss confirmed that the choreology
material has been updated and published as requested. Alastair Green agreed
to submit to the Spec mailing list the preface material from the .71 version
of the spec as to also prior to the f2f such that it can be used as input to
the primer and discussion about the content of the primer ( agenda item for
the f2f ). Alastair Green also said that anyone form the TC were free to use
the published Choreology materials, as long as they first asked permission
from Choreology and referenced them as the source and copyright holders.

Alastair Green also remarked that Sanjay Dalal had previously created some
very useful Rational Rose models that would help as material for the Primer,
Bill Cox agreed to talk to Sanjay and try to get hold of the materials,
again for use in the Primer or Specification, if appropriate.

Action Items resulting from the discussion:
Nov29 a) Bill Pope to publish to the TC by Monday the 3rd December, the
proposed agenda for the f2f.
Nov29 b) Bill Pope to publish the conference call schedule for the next 6
conference calls, based on the new agreed schedule, this will include a
request for sponsors for future calls.
Nov29 c) All TC member to confirm their attendance at the f2f including
arrival and departure dates to Bill Cox ASAP.
Nov29 d) Choreology to publish the preface material from the .71 version of
the spec prior to the f2f.
Nov29 e) Bill Cox to speak with Sanjay at BEA and try to get hold of the
Rational Rose models created by Sanjay for previous versions of the

Action Items carried over:

Nov21 b) Mark Little to discuss with HP corporate their ability to
         offer presentation materials again as a link, to HP, from the
         OASIS BTP site. If acceptable to HP, prior to the f2f they
         will make available, in the same manner and under the same
         copyright restrictions, the presentation materials HP have.

Nov21 c) Bill Cox of BEA to organise audio recording facilities at the
         venue for the f2f in December such that the
         walkthrough/tutorial can be recorded.

Nov21 e) Bill Pope, based on the discussion regarding the agenda for
         the f2f, to put together a formal proposed agenda for the f2f
         and circulate for comments to the TC.

 Provisional details for the next conference call:
CALL DATE: Dec-5-2001 (Wednesday)

USA Toll Free Number: tba
Toll Number: tba
LEADER: Mark Little

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Potts
Chief Technology Officer
Talking Blocks
t. 415 255 7424
f. 415 255 7425
c. 415 606 9096
e. mailto:mark.potts@talkingblocks.com

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