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Subject: RE: [business-transaction] Face to face agenda for discussion

Good thoughts ... I'm happy to add topics.  The conference call Wednesday
will be for discussion and acceptance of the agenda for the face to face.

I think RPC and possibly deaf client are both more specific discussions 
than SOAP bindings and are possible agenda items in and of themselves.

JSR15 - added as a possible topic.

Yes, the 'review the spec' item was a placeholder as the agenda was
developing.   It was intended to ensure the agreement that the
walkthru on the first half day was of the protocol, not a walkthru of
the specification.

Keep the topics and comments coming,

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From: Alastair Green [mailto:alastair.green@choreology.com]
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 4:12 PM
To: zpope@pobox.com
Cc: OASIS BTP (Main List)
Subject: Re: [business-transaction] Face to face agenda for discussion

Thoughts on the proposed agenda --

RPC/messages (if that's different from SOAP bindings, which it probably
isn't), as a full discussion
Requirements for JSR156 -- I think this is an invaluable opportunity to
cross-fertilize that work

If you don't mind me saying so, an open-ended agenda item like "Review of
BTP specification" is the kind of item that you never get beyond. Wouldn't
it be better to take the "big end" of the issues list (major issues,
rather than underbrush) and work on that to give focus to the meeting. I
think that general reviews can be antithetical to issues resolved, at this


William Z Pope wrote:

> This is the proposed agenda for the December face-to-face.  This will
> be the main topic of discussion for the conference call on Wednesday,
> December 5th.
> I propose that we have some time during this face to face for smaller
> working groups to address specific issues.  Objective of these groups
> is to produce output.  The output may be proposals for issue
> resolution, may be text for inclusion in the specification, or may be
> supporting materials such as the primer, diagrams, etc.
> Agenda Items
> - Walkthrough of BTP Protocol
> - Review of BTP Specification
> - Issue discussion and votes
> - SOAP Bindings
> - Workflow discussion
> - Conformance, discussion and possible subcommittee
> - Plan for the Primer
> - Timetable for completion
> - TC continuation & charter
>   Extend the already agreed charter for continuation to study new
>   requirements and proposals for inclusion in a future edition of BTP;
>   development of this future edition to begin when we have approved
>   1.0 as a committee specification.
> - Define on-site workgroups
>   Suggestions
>   - deaf client
>   - messages
>   - editorial
>   - primer
> William Z Pope
> zpope@pobox.com k
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