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Subject: Re: [business-transaction] Face to face agenda for discussion

Just a reminder that the JSR work is covered by a work-in-progress
confidentiality agreement, so it can't be discussed in an open meeting at the
F2F.  If there are members of the JSR expert group present they could meet
among themselves, but not give any information to the meeting at large.

So a "requirements for JSR156" item is problematic legally, as the BTP group
doesn't know anything except the public JSR statement of purpose.

bill cox

Mark Little wrote:

> > Requirements for JSR156 -- I think this is an invaluable opportunity to
> > cross-fertilize that work
> I won't be attending the face-to-face, but if someone who is on the JSR
> wants to send me the results of any discussion then please feel free.
> However, please also remember: JSR 156 is *not* a BTP specific JSR.
> All the best,
> Mark.
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