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Subject: [business-transaction] Hotel Reservations for F2F 13-14 December 2001

For those of you coming to the F2F:

I've reserved a block of rooms at The Inn at Somerset Hills, 80 Allen
Road, Basking Ridge NJ 07920.  The room rate is $155 per night plus
taxes.  The block is under the name "BEA-BTP Meeting" - please mention
it to get the correct rate.  Arrival date for the block is Wednesday, 12
December and departure is Friday morning, 14 December.

    URL        http://www.theinnatsomersethills.com/
    Phone:    +1 908 580 1300
    Fax:        +1 908 580 6408

The block reservation will be released at 5PM U. S. Eastern Time on
FRIDAY, 7 DECEMBER, 2001. This hotel frequently fills up, so get your
reservations in by the release time if possible.  After that time, it's
catch as catch can. If you're staying longer, you can reserve with them
or email me for suggestions on sightseeing, theatre, etc in the New York

Full directions and a map are at
http://www.theinnatsomersethills.com/directions.html .

Call the hotel and ask for reservations at +1 908 580 1300.  A fax with
your credit card information and arrival/departure dates should suffice
for a reservation as well.

Please contact me with any questions.

bill cox

p.s. Some people are arriving early on the evening of 12 December and
are getting together for dinner.  Send me email if you're interested.

p.p.s. BEA will provide a continental breakfast and lunch on both days.
I'm making arrangements for a group dinner on the evening of 13
December, where each of us will pay our respective portions.  I'm
looking at a nice, moderately priced Italian restaurant in the area.

tel;fax:+1 908 580 3060
tel;work:+1 908 580 3458
org:BEA Systems, Inc.;Architecture and Standards
adr:;;140 Allen Rd;Liberty Corner;NJ;07938;USA
title:Technical Director
fn:William Cox

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