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business-transaction message

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Subject: [business-transaction] BT TC conf call - Dec 5 draft minutes

Minutes for the Dec 5 BT TC Conference call

Sponsor: HP
Meeting date (mm/dd/yy):  12/05/01
Start time (hh:mm):  05:00 PM, Europe/London

The meeting was not quorate. 

Voting members on the call
Bill Pope
Mark Potts
Peter Furniss
Alex Ceponkus
Doug Bunting
Pyounguk Cho
Gordon Hamilton
Jim Webber

Victor Corrales
Steve Viens

The only item on the agenda was discussion of the agenda for the face to face
meeting on December 13th and 14th.  The proposed agenda is at the bottom of
this email.

1) There was discussion on whether there should there be an discussion of 
   JSR 156, XML Transactioning API for Java.  The concensus was that this
   should be an item on the agenda.  The item to address the potential for a
   formal liason and what, if any, direct input the BT TC should offer to the
   JSR group.
2) The agenda items for RPC semantics, message sets, SOAP bindings, and deaf
   clients are inter-related.  These need to be initially discussed in the
   committee as a whole.  If these are to be addressed by a subgroup they
   should all be in the same subgroup.
3) Issue # 79 should be on the agenda.  It assists with the document structure
   by organizing the messages into sets based on the 'relationships' that use
4) One subgroup should address the amount of explanatory info in the main
   text, any document restructuring, and the launch of the primer.

Proposed Agenda Items for face to face
- Walkthrough of BTP Protocol
- Issue discussion and votes
- SOAP Bindings
- RPC/messages
- Liason to Java JSR 156
- Workflow discussion, WSFL, XLang and their relation to BTP
- Conformance, discussion and possible subcommittee formation
- Plan for the Primer 
- Timetable for completion
- TC continuation & charter
  Extend the already agreed charter for continuation to study new
  requirements and proposals for inclusion in a future edition of BTP;
  development of this future edition to begin when we have approved
  1.0 as a committee specification. 
- On-site workgroups
  - RPC
  - deaf client
  - messages
  - editorial
  - primer

Action Items carried over:

Nov29 b) Bill Pope to publish the conference call schedule for the next 6
         conference calls, based on the new agreed schedule, this will
         include a request for sponsors for future calls.

Nov29 c) All TC member to confirm their attendance at the f2f including
         arrival and departure dates to Bill Cox ASAP.

Nov29 e) Bill Cox to speak with Sanjay at BEA and try to get hold of
         the Rational Rose models created by Sanjay for previous
         versions of the specification.

Nov21 b) Mark Little to discuss with HP corporate their ability to
         offer presentation materials again as a link, to HP, from the
         OASIS BTP site. If acceptable to HP, prior to the f2f they
         will make available, in the same manner and under the same
         copyright restrictions, the presentation materials HP have.

William Z Pope

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