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Subject: RE: [business-transaction] BT TC Dec 5 conf call - resend with ag enda

Title: RE: [business-transaction] BT TC Dec 5 conf call - resend with agenda

Apologies for missing the call - I was on the road and could not dial international.

See you next week in NJ


Alex Berson
CTO Vertical Market Solutions
Voice (NY): 646-495-5097 (NJ) 732-967-9188
Cell: 732-991-1850
Fax: 732-390-5784


-----Original Message-----
From: William Z Pope [mailto:zpope@pobox.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 11:53 AM
To: OASIS BTP (Main List)
Subject: [business-transaction] BT TC Dec 5 conf call - resend with

The details for this week's conference call are as follows:

CALL DATE: Dec-5-2001 (Wednesday)
DURATION: 1 hour

MeetingPlace Telephone Number:  44-134-470-7200 (T470-7200) Scheduled
Meeting ID:  1959

Meeting date (mm/dd/yy):  12/05/01
Start time (hh:mm):  05:00 PM, Europe/London

Meeting name:  M Little
Meeting length (minutes):  60

1. Greet, rustle, settle in (5 minutes)
2. Establish minute taker for this meeting
3. Call roll
4. Accept previous minutes
6. Resolve agenda
7. Follow agenda: general meeting, discussion, votes
8. Review outstanding action item

- Agenda for the December face to face.

Proposed Agenda Items for face to face

- Walkthrough of BTP Protocol
* Review of BTP Specification (REMOVE -- too broad)
- Issue discussion and votes
- SOAP Bindings
- RPC/messages
* Requirements for JSR156 (REMOVE -- not allowed under JCP process)

- Workflow discussion, WSFL, XLang and their relation to BTP
- Conformance, discussion and possible subcommittee formation
- Plan for the Primer
- Timetable for completion
- TC continuation & charter
  Extend the already agreed charter for continuation to study new
  requirements and proposals for inclusion in a future edition of BTP;
  development of this future edition to begin when we have approved
  1.0 as a committee specification.
- On-site workgroups
  - RPC
  - deaf client
  - messages
  - editorial
  - primer

Action Items carried over:

Nov29 a) Bill Pope to publish to the TC by Monday the 3rd December, the
         proposed agenda for the f2f.

Nov29 b) Bill Pope to publish the conference call schedule for the next 6
         conference calls, based on the new agreed schedule, this will
         include a request for sponsors for future calls.

Nov29 c) All TC member to confirm their attendance at the f2f including
         arrival and departure dates to Bill Cox ASAP.

Nov29 d) Choreology to publish the preface material from the .71
         version of the spec prior to the f2f.

Nov29 e) Bill Cox to speak with Sanjay at BEA and try to get hold of
         the Rational Rose models created by Sanjay for previous
         versions of the specification.

Nov21 b) Mark Little to discuss with HP corporate their ability to
         offer presentation materials again as a link, to HP, from the
         OASIS BTP site. If acceptable to HP, prior to the f2f they
         will make available, in the same manner and under the same
         copyright restrictions, the presentation materials HP have.

Nov21 c) Bill Cox of BEA to organise audio recording facilities at the
         venue for the f2f in December such that the
         walkthrough/tutorial can be recorded.

Nov21 e) Bill Pope, based on the discussion regarding the agenda for
         the f2f, to put together a formal proposed agenda for the f2f
         and circulate for comments to the TC.

William Z Pope

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