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Subject: [business-transaction] Face to Face - meeting logistics

Some info on the face to face.

Thursday is 9:30 AM to 5PM
Friday is 8:30 AM to 5PM

The meeting is at BEA Systems, Inc, Liberty Corner NJ 07938.  Directions
from Newark airport are similar to those to the hotel-- on the same
road.  Turn left out of the hotel driveway, go to the second cluster of
buildings on the left,  turn in, then turn left and a fast right following
the signs.

BEA is providing continetal breakfast and a lunch both days.  Thanks!
Bill Cox has set up a group dinner on Thursday evening.
  "I have a dinner reservation Thursday night at an area Italian
   restaurant, moderate price, ..."
again, thanks to Bill and BEA.


William Z Pope

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