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Subject: [business-transaction] BT TC conf call January 3

Happy New Year everyone!

The first BT TC conference call of 2002 will occur on Thursday 
January 3.  This call is on Thursday instead of the Wednesday due to
a scheduling mix-up.   Thanks to Oracle and Geoff Brown for hosting
this call.

TEL : 888-397-1171
LEADER : Geoffrey Brown

The face to face meeting went well.  More than the first half day was
spent in the protocol walk-thru.  There was agreement on a number of
issues (listed below) and on the deliverables, time frames, and the
need to continue the TC after the first release of the spec.  I am still
working on condensing the minutes from notes and the audio transcript,
thank you Bill Cox for the recording and the transcript.


1. Greet, rustle, settle in (5 minutes)
2. Establish minute taker for this meeting
3. Call roll
4. Accept previous minutes (if the face to face minutes are available)
5. Set agenda, add or remove items to the agenda
6. Discussion, votes, general meeting
   Issues from the face to face
   - Issue 79, Normalizing the message set
   - Issue 7, SOAP RPC
   - Issue 57, XML schema for more than SOAP
   - Issue 26, Conformance points
   - Issue 87, Conformance levels
   Deliverables and Time Frames
   TC Charter Extension
7. review outstanding action items

Outstanding Action Items


William Z Pope

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