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business-transaction message

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Subject: meeting schedule

Hello all,
Doug is unable to make a meeting this coming Tuesday (Oct 7th).
Can I suggest that instead of waiting we commence discussion on 
this list on the issue Doug has raised.  Why wait, throw in your
two cents now.

I would also like to have a call next Tuesday to look at the issues
that are on the issues list.  These can be found off of the TC page
for business transactions.
Go to oasis-open> Members Only> My Groups (will require sign in)
and the "OASIS Business Transactions" TC "Recent Documents sidebar.
This is pertinent to the TC and also to the question raised by Doug.

Is there a host available for the call on Tuesday?


William Z Pope                            Bill.Pope@Choreology.com
Choreology Ltd                          US Office: +1 603 373 0598
Director of Product Management   London Office: +44 (0)8707 369686
                                           Mobile: +1 603 502 4490

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