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Subject: RE: [business-transaction] Groups - BT-TC-FAQ.txt uploaded

On a particular point in this:

>  5. When will this specification be completed?
>     The Business Transaction Protocol 1.0 was promoted to 
> OASIS Technical
>     Committee specification on 3rd June 2002.
> The term is now Committee Draft according to the OASIS 
> Process [2].  I 
> am not entirely sure we should use the old term even when 
> referring to 
> documents created prior to publication of the latest process. 
>  Has Karl 
> said anything one way or the other?

On a point of information:

In the version that OASIS staff have put up under the FAQ link from the
committee top page, this paragraph has been editted to say "Technical
Committee Draft"

Speaking personally:

I'd say that the revised text is untrue. The TC agreed in May that the
text would become a Committee Specification, not Committee Draft (the
word Technical does not appear in either title). OASIS now call the
equivalent status Committee Draft - I don't remember seeing an explicit
declaration that this is retrospective, though I suspect it is.

At the May 2002 face-to-face, we also agreed that we wouldn't
immediately attempt to promote the spec to OASIS Standard, but wait for
some implementation experience. In this latter decision, my perception
was that we were following what seemed to be a common pattern within
OASIS at the time - very few documents had then been advanced to OASIS
Standard, and Committee Specification was regarded as being a reasonably
stable position. I believe this perception was common across the TC,
though I may be wrong (be careful to think back to what you thought
then, not what you think now). The name change OASIS have made, I'd
suggest, reflects and emphasises a change in common practice that has
occurred over the last year - TC's are much more active in seeking to
advance their specs to OASIS Standard than 15 months ago. But the name
for the status probably had some consideration on the decision - if it
had been Committee Draft, with today's view of that, we might well have
made more urgent efforts to advance the formal status.

So I disagree with Doug's view. I believe the accurate statement would
have to be:

The Business Transaction Protocol 1.0 was published as an OASIS
Committee Specification on 3rd June 2002. This status has since be
renamed Committee Draft.

(assuming that the renaming is indeed retrospective). (I've put
"published" for "promoted" since as the sequence was actually that the
TC agreed the CS at the May 2002 meeting, to be the text of that date
with some editorials, which were completed by 3 June)


Peter Furniss
Chief Scientist, Choreology Ltd

   Cohesions 1.0 (TM)
   Business transaction management software for application coordination

web: http://www.choreology.com
email:  peter.furniss@choreology.com
phone:  +44 870 739 0066  <-- new, from 4 August 2003
mobile: +44 7951 536168

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