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business-transaction message

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Subject: BTP & WSDL

I was not present on the last BTP call and noticed from the minutes that 
there was some BTP + WSDL discussion.  I would like to share my 
experiences with trying to author a WSDL to represent the 
Terminator:Decider control relationship before we continue the 
discussion today.

The btp:messages wrapper element causes problems for the WSDL.  The XML 
Schema (our BTP schema or inline in WSDL) specifies that a number of 
elements can be children of btp:messages, and WSDL does not have the 
ability (that I know of) to indicate which one to use for a given operation.

Here are some thoughts to initiate discussion, but none of them ideal as 

1. List all the supported operations in the WSDL, and define 
btp:messagess as input and output.  Problem: Does not define which 
children are allowed under btp:messages.  Does not produce useful 
autogenerated clients.

2. Put each operation in a seperate WSDL allowing btp:messages (inline) 
schema to have different content in each case.  Problem: Not practical 
and confusing.  Importing the WSDLs into one would cause problems with 
namespace clashes.  Would yield one autogenerated client side proxy per 
operation (with one method each.)

3. Create a proprietary WSDL binding to indicate that a btp:messages 
wrapper must be used.  Problem: least desirable option.

4. Modify BTP spec.  Allow wrapper-less messages in addition to current set?



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