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business-transaction message

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Subject: Groups - Business Transaction tC conference call modified

Business Transaction tC conference call has been modified by Bill Pope (zpope@pobox.com).

Date:  Tuesday, 20 January 2004
Time:  12:00pm - 01:00pm Eastern Time

Event Description:
Dial in number: +44 8702233333 (UK)
The pin number is 275862 (arjuna)

Accept previous minutes
Extra Issues
Web Services friendliness
   - WS-CAF
   - WS-C+T


* Attendence
  Bill Pope     yes
  Keith Evans   no
  Alex          yes
  Mark Little   yes
  Alastair      yes
  Peter         yes
  Doug Bunting  yes
  Martin        yes
  Bill Cox      no - regrets
  Tony Fletcher yes
  Bob Haugen    yes
  Sazi          no - regrets

** Observers
   Jamie Clark

* Agenda
  1. Previous minutes
     Voted and accepted
  2a Maintenance Issues
  2. Extra Issues
  3. Web Services friendliness
  4. Liasons     
     - WS-CAF
     - WS-C+T

* Actions
** Alex: Derive a proposal for maint issue 7 from spec text and current XML. 
** Alex: Look at ex-3 in relation to maint issue 7
** Peter: Draft proposal for maintenance issue 9.
** Peter: Post updated maintenance issues and extra issues docs to web site.
** Mark: Look at ex-2, ex-3, ex-4
* Issues
** Maintenance Issue 7
   There are outstanding issues with the proposed resolution.
   Alex: If we assume that the spec is definitive
         and default implies optional
         than the schema and informal XML can be mechanically derived.
   Alex to send Peter the derived XML and schema documents.

** Maintenance Issue 9
   Original issue 9 has a resolution
   Can be closed with some additional text proposed by Doug.

** New issues
*** Arising from discussion on Issue 9
    Repetition items in a list
*** Sending of faults
    Need to be able to include transaction identifier with the fault.

* Extra Issues
** Issue ex-1
   BP Proposal, close as not an issue.
   Doug, second.
   Passed with none opposed

** Issue ex-2
** Issue ex-3
** Issue ex-4

** Issue ex-5
   Allow use of https as well as http.
   PF, Proposal: suggested solution be taken as a resolution.
   Tony second.
   Passed with none opposing

** Issue ex-6
   Change Superior and Inferior state tables to allow transition to
   confirm one-phase where it was previously dis-allowed.  The
   proposed solution is allowed in the text but not in the 1.0 state
   PF: proposed to accept the resolution
   Tony: seconded
   Passed with none opposing
* Web Services Friendliness
  Document from Alex Ceponkus with possible directions for work to
  make BTP fit better with web services.

  Application definition of the control protocol.
  example: build a control into a Excel spreadsheet

  Bill: Can/should/would this work be done under the current charter
  of the BT TC?  What is the will of the group?

  Alastair, this has come out of implementation experience, has come
  up in deployment at customer sites, and as such does fit under the
  current charter.
  It is a "fix" to our previous understanding of what's required in
  our specifications and XML.

  Tony, Alex, Peter
  SOAP and WSDL evolution has changed the landscape
  Peter, be careful of tying BTP 1.1 to the latest of these specs,
  could delay the 1.1 delivery beyond what's acceptable.

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Referenced Items
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06 Jan 2004     2004-01-06-concall.txt           Minutes
20 Jan 2004     WS-BTP-2004_01_20.doc            Reference Document

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