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Subject: BTP issue - ex-9 - proposed resolution ( for participant identification in context-reply)

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I propose that we apply the first solution below, allowing a CONTEXT-REPLY to contain an inferior identifier and define an additional related group CONTEXT_REPLY & Application Message, whose meaning is defined as (this is modified from the CONTEXT_REPLY & ENROL & Application Message text at 7.9.4):
This related group applies only if the CONTEXT_REPLY message contains an inferior identifier value. In this case the transmission of the Application Message (and application effects implied by its transmission) has been associated with the Inferior whose identifier is in the CONTEXT_REPLY and the effects will be subject to the outcome delivered to that Inferior.
(The rest of the text for the related group is left to the editing process (i.e. I'm not going to do the fiddly bits until I know if this is accepted))
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From: Furniss, Peter
Sent: 23 March 2004 15:55
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Subject: [business-transaction] Issue - ex-9 - participant identification in context-reply

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Issue - ex-9 - participant identification in context-reply

Status: open
Date added: 23 Mar 2004
Submitter: Peter Furniss
Date submitted: 23 March 2004
Description: CONTEXT is commonly sent in association with an application message, propagating the business transaction and telling the receiving application that work performed as a result of the application message should be part of the business transaction. However, with cohesionss, there is a need in some applications to identify a particular inferior (participant) as being responsible for some piece of application work. For example, an invitation (say request for quote) may be 'broadcast' (in some way) with an associated context for a cohesion. Responding applications can submit as many quotes as they wish, each corresponding to a separately enrolled inferior. The initiating application then chooses the successful quote(s) and confirms only those. To do this, the initiating application of course needs to know which inferior (as visible to it, via the coordinator) corresponds to which quote.

There are already several ways that this can be done with BTP, but they are all rather application-specific. At present, one could:

None of these could readily be supported by generic software in the way a propagated context could be in the opposite direction. There should be some general way.
Submitter's proposal: A possibility would be to allow an inferior identifier to be placed in the CONTEXT-REPLY, which would have similar semantics to having an CONTEXT-REPLY&ENROL&application message related group as far as association was concerned.

Alternatively, the presence of an inferior name qualifier on a CONTEXT-REPLY could be defined as having the similar meaning.

Note that both of these are essentially using CONTEXT-REPLY as just the standardised carrier of this information, rather than invent another message (REVERSE-CONTEXT ?) just for this purpose.
Changes: 23 Mar 2004 - new issue

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