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Subject: RE: [business-transaction] Issue - maint-13 - CONFIRM_ONE_PHASE report-hazard default

Title: Message
When this came up at today's meeting, checking the text led to me to view that CONFIRM_ONE_PHASE shouldn't have a report-hazard field at all.
CONFIRM_TRANSACTION and CANCEL_TRANSACTION are control protocol messages - essentially the distributed api to the coordinator, and so it is reasonable for them to decide whether they want to receive hazard reports from the tree.
But CONFIRM_ONE_PHASE is an outcome message, sent only if there turns out to be a single remaining enrolled inferior of a superior. If there had been two inferiors, the superior would have sent PREPARE then CONFIRM to each (with appropriate variations). The determination of whether hazards are reported to a superior is made independently by the inferior (from configuration, probably) - an inferior can choose to suppress hazard/heuristic events if it so chooses. Since CONFIRM_ONE_PHASE is only sent by chance (so to speak), why should it be able to control the reporting.

Issue - maint-13 - CONFIRM_ONE_PHASE report-hazard default

Status: open
Date added: 11 May 2004
Submitter: Alex Ceponkus Ceponkus
Date submitted: 30 March 2004

CONFIRM_ONE_PHASE report-hazard has a default, and is not consistent with report-hazard found on CONFIRM_TRANSACTION and CANCEL_TRANSACTION.
Submitter's solution:

Changes: 11 May 2004 - new issue

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