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bws-discuss message

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Subject: Clarification

My previous email message regarding postponement of creating the BWS TC has generated some off-line discussions and raised some points for clarification.

OASIS allows a TC charter proposal to be submitted at any time --- independent of the schedule in any related discussion list(s). It was my goal to author a charter that would be suitable for OASIS submission, but the OASIS process imposes no deadline for charter submission, or requirement that a final charter proposal be created as part of a discussion list activity.

Please note that I am currently working with OASIS and those who have expressed interest to me 'unofficially' on the best way to move foward --- especially given the current imbalance between activity and interest (We now have 50+ subscribers) . OASIS has informed me that discussion of a charter proposal and/or feasibility of the TC may continue through the end of 2010 or even into 2011 if there is active participation by members of the 'bws-discuss' list.

I will send out an update as soon as I have more news to report.

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