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Subject: Approve Secretaries


As you may have seen, we have had the following three people volunteer to be a secretary for this technical committee: 

Emily Ratliff (IBM)
Lior Kolnik (Palo Alto Networks)
Vasileios Mavroeidis (University of Oslo)

Allan and I spoke this morning and we would like to move forward with these three volunteers. Having three secretaries will greatly assist in the day-2-day management of the TC.  

We would like to propose that the TC accept these three individuals as secretaries for the CACAO Technical Committee. While the role of secretary is not technically a voted on position, Allan and I would like to open up a 1-week call for objections. 

Please email any objections to one or all of these secretaries to the list or us privately by end-of-day Thursday the 12th of September 2019. 


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