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cacao message

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Subject: Meta data for atomic actions


To start the discussion about the data needed for atomic actions, here is some of the elements that I have come up with.

1) A unique ID (aka UUID)
2) A human consumable name / description
3) An action type from some vocabulary.  This need to be able to address various types of commands, from proprietary commands, human/process commands, commands that are defined in other specifications.
4) A container to store the command.  We may need a text based and a binary based version.  Some commands that are defined in say XML or something else, may not work well in JSON text format. 
5) Targeting information for the command.  This would need to address general high level concepts as well as specific devices. So things like âFirewalls, Desktops, Windows 10 Systems, Support Staff, CISO, IP Address, IoT ACME Cameras, etc. 
6) Maybe what the response codes should be?????  Maybe this is a phase 2 concept. 

Once again, this is meant to start the discussion.  If you have examples of commands that you can share, please do so. 


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