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Subject: Method of work and Comments

We are entering a more formal part of the OASIS process. We have a Public Review outstanding, and we have received comments.

Under the Oasis process, all comments must be tracked and their disposition recorded. These comments and dispositions mut be publicly reviewable.

A brief oversight of this process can be read at https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/tools

The result of this is that informal group editing of Google Docs is no longer appropriate. One big reason is versioning. There must be formal versions for comments to be linked to formal versions.

I am aware of two ways this is done in OASIS. 
1) Each working draft from here on out must be properly tracked within Kavi
At least once a month (unless no work has been done), and prior to each TC meeting at which one or more draft documents will be discussed, Working Draft level material for any/all such documents must be uploaded to the TC document repository, properly identified according to the OASIS Naming Directives; links to the non-Kavi publication venues are insufficient

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