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Subject: RE: New feature to help choose Structure based on contents of message

  There is a need to have a mechanism to choose the Assembly Structure
that should be used as the basis for validation based on information
held with the message being validated.  Currently this can only be done
by passing in a parameter.  The proposal is to introduce an xpath
attribute onto the Structure element that would uniquely identify the
relevant structure that should be used to validate the message.
  This would be overridden by the structure name being passed in from
outside the template.

  The XML below shows how this might work.  The xpath effectively equate
to true if the XML conforms to the relevant structure.
		<as:Structure ID="ex" taxonomy="XML"
xpath="/ex:example">  <=== Xpath here
				<ex:test name="Fred">
		<as:Structure ID="new" taxonomy="XML"
xpath="/new:example">  <=== Xpath here
				<new:test name="%Fred%">

Martin Roberts 

BT plc,
Group Research
t: +44 1473 609785
e: martin.me.roberts@bt.com 

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