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Subject: From XSD automatically generate example XML instances and CAM templates

I've just posted a set of XSLT routines to the OASIS CAM wiki.
These allow you to expand any XSD schema and then generate a XML example with all the import and include references resolved.
Then you can also generate a working CAM template that has the rules from the XSD extracted into CAM syntax.
That CAM template can then verify the XML instances - and of course produce the resulting documentation.
Running this in OxygenXML on my laptop with the OASIS EDXL schema takes less than 3 seconds.  It almost feels like cheating but it is so cool!
The CAM template is also significantly more compact than the original XSD.  Results show from 30% to 8% of the original schema size.
E.g. EDXL schema is 287K - equivalent CAM template is 90K.  NIEM/LEXS3 schema is 12.5MB while CAM template is 908K.
There is also a new version of the jCAM editor available - with latest patches and fixes.

Enjoy, DW

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