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Subject: RE: [cam-dev] assembling content from ebRIM registries and other sources

I'm currently working on this whole area.  I'm about to post something to the OASIS SET TC tomorrow that you may find of interest.  In response to Prof Asuman's post this week and PPT.
I'd intended the current dictionary format in to be the pre-cursor to something more comprehensive. 
Basically that format is 1D only - just components with types.  So the idea is - when you add a new element to a structure - you search dictionary for match - and then use that to build the item - with containing rules - just click and insert.
I've done a conceptual design for something more ambious but not ready to share on that till I get the details more fleshed out - basically it needs to be 3D in terms of the components and groupings it can support - more along the lines of the wantlist.xml format...
So initially this would all work from local XML files on the disk.
Then eventually that XML could be pulled from registry.  What we're after for that though is having a simple REST interface to registry.  That's in the works for the new Registry v4.0 spec'.
So - not sure if that all helps for now - but my focus is in getting the XML structure for the dictionary that supports the whole process.  If you want to contribute to that please feel free.  The 1D is relatively straight forward - its when there is complex structure components it gets more interesting...
Thanks, DW


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Subject: [cam-dev] assembling content from ebRIM registries and other
From: <Jacek.Radajewski@csiro.au>
Date: Wed, January 14, 2009 7:10 pm
To: <cam-dev@lists.oasis-open.org>

Hi All,

I'm currently looking at a developing a CAM template and a set of tools for assembling Data Product Specification (ISO 19131) documents from a range of sources including ebRIM (omar) registries. I have spent last four weeks playing with jCAM and reading CAM documentation, but so far have not seen any examples of content assembly from registries. Has anyone done work in this area, and if so could you please give me some pointers?


Jacek Radajewski
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