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Subject: New CAM editor v3.0 release with JSON support + Bi-Directional open data services.

The new CAM editor v3.0 (http://www.cameditor.org) sets a new level in performance and features. Up to 20x upgrade to our CAMV XML validation engine runtime processing speed. Dictionary drag and drop now blazing fast and light on memory to really let you quickly build exchange structures - see the new short video demonstration here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeDbY0FSX3Y

Need to handle JSON exchanges? Everything now supports JSON - the editor and designer, the CAMV validation and the Open-XDX open data toolset. Again quick video available on this is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7-JlYGsjEc

Need Open Data APIs that are bi-directional? Open-XDX now supports both SQL query and update modes and services.

Need extended rule handling - see the COBie Smart Building Corp of Engineers example:

Summarizing this, the new CAM Editor V3.0 provides the following:

o All new JSON capabilities and template type
o Bi-directional data processing using Open-XDX for open data query and update
o Dramatically improved Dictionary components drag and drop
o New report for Dictionary evaluation and analysis
o Significant CAMV rules engine performance improvements
o Better XSD schema importing and exporting

We look forward to seeing the improved solutions this helps people create.

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