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Subject: re: [cam] Registry Links


Absolutely.   It can be as simple, or sophisticated as you want.

Your registry could be:

1) A SQL stored procedure - that takes a UID as a parameter, and returns

2) A Perl script - ditto.

3) A http URL as you indicate - something like :  


The OASIS Registry spec' contains details of their RESTful interface using
that gives plenty of ideas on this too.

Also - the Registry team is just getting started on defining the CCR/S
for the XML that gets returned by the registry as a result of a query on a

More details on that are available from their TC site.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by INTERNET:martin.me.roberts@bt.com
>been thinking on this.  For XML based registry we need only the URI of the
FILE.  and then a series of key XPATHs into the file for the key bits, such
as UID, and Type as mandatory, and optional one for Definition and

What do you thnk

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