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cam message

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Subject: re: [cam] Token notation


I'm not in love with it either - but supposedly this is pukka
XPath style accessing.

If you can convince me of something that is more natural
and also reflects XPath (maybe XPath 2.0?) - I think that
we should consider it.

The idea behind the syntax as is - was that standard code
written to parse XPath would be purposed to handle this.

However - if this is not a valid assumption - lets re-visit this!

It would also be nice to have a more object centric approach

 item.equal = 'testvalue'


Thanks, DW.

Message text written by INTERNET:martin.me.roberts@bt.com
>I hate the notation
token='%param%'and contains(value,'testvalue')

What would be wrong with 

I am going to change my examples to this as I feel I can process them more


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