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Subject: re: [cam] CAM Masks


The idea is you can use them several ways - as validation against content,
as a design layout reference, and also to output in the format perscribed
given a base type input value.

Obviously this depends on what mode you are referencing the CAM 
template in.

This may have to be an external context parameter passed into the
CAM processor - %as:updateContent% / true / false - depending on the
business needs.

An interesting idea - that we can have built-in context parameters for
behaviours of the CAM processor itself.  This may be nice too for
overriding the CAM Level - so you may have a Level 1 template,
but tell the CAM processor to parse it at Level 2, etc, for compatiblity

Is there another approach, or is this something else we can
look to add to revision 0.14 as a clarification?

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by INTERNET:martin.me.roberts@bt.com
>Another question is when are Masks applied.  Are they simply for
validation or are they to be used to change the input file and output the
result according to the mask.

This also raises the question as to whether processing should add defaulted
elements into the result tree after validation.


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