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Subject: December 10th Open House planning

Couple of items here, first of all I'd like to welcome our new
member, Paul Boos (USNavy), and Anders Tell as an
observer (ToolSmiths, Sweden).
We're pleased to have you join us.
Next - as part of the XML2003 conference in Philly we
are arranging to have an open house event on the
Wednesday, December 10th.
OASIS has arranged Room 308 for us from 10am to 3pm.
The open house will be in conjunction with the OASIS BCM
and Registry TC groups.
The conference website is:
The idea is to help each group get a better understanding of
each others technology and how they may fit more closely
together.  Also - general participants at the conference are
encouraged to come along and learn more about our work.
I'll provide more details as I get them from the BCM and Registry
group on their thoughts.  The idea so far is that each of us will
do a short presentation, and then do breakout to discuss
ideas from there.
So far we've had about 5 of our members note they will be there,
and we look forward to an interesting and productive event.
Thanks, DW

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