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Subject: Fw: [ebxml-bp] Overview of BPSS

FYI, attached.
How CAM potentially fits with BPSS.  This is one topic
for discussion in Philly XML2003 at the open house.
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Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 11:55 AM
Subject: [ebxml-bp] Overview of BPSS

Following on from yesterdays discuss on the teleconference
I thought it would be helpful to post a draft set of slides
that illustrate what I was trying to describe.
Attached is my first cut at this for discussion.
Amongst other things this also shows the set of
context control factors that need to be addressed
between ourselves and the other OASIS teams
With these clearly defined, including a consist XML
rendering - then I see that we have plug-and-play for
our adopters - so they can build a simple minimum
configuration with confidence that it can be extended
as their needs grow.
So the simple minimum configuration would be:
a) CPA, BPSS, ebMS, and an XML context document
then could be added to this  CAM, Choice Points, BCM,
UMM, CCTS, UBL, Registry, WSDL, WS* and BPEL,
etc,  as required (no significant order).
Thanks, DW

Overview of BPSS - 111803.ppt

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